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How Clean Is Clean?

The term log reduction refers to effectiveness in killing germs, viruses, bacteria and other infectious organic materials.  In basic terms, log reduction provides a quantitative measurement to describe the percentage of contaminants eliminated across multiple testings of a product or solution.  Simply put, log reduction refers to the ‘number of nines’ in a solution’s efficiency: log reduction of one means a 90% kill rate; log reduction of two means a 99% kill rate; log reduction three means a 99.9% kill rate.

The log reduction of the technology used by ADSS ranges from log six to log nine: this means that we eliminate 99.9999% to 99.9999999% of dangerous biological contaminants.

SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus): Log Reduction > 6.0


Staphylococcus aureus * +: Log Reduction > 7.4


Bacillus astrophaeus: Log Reduction > 8.3


What We Do

  • Offer Options

    Our service model includes options to accommodate the needs of any customer. We offer standard maintenance for regular, scheduled activity; as-needed service to handle unplanned events; and emergency-level response, to neutralize contamination of a critical nature.

  • Clean Completely

    Our patented technology makes whole-room decontamination and sanitization fast, thorough, cost-effective and safe. Our processes use no harsh chemical agents and leave behind no residual or corrosive byproducts.

  • Provide Partnership

    We partnered with an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified and accredited organization to provide third-party validation of our services. This partnership provides our customers with complete quality assurance for our clean air and surface sanitization and decontamination services.


Advanced Decontamination and Sanitization Services offers verifiable quantitative value across a wide range of industries in the private, public and government sectors. Any organization with a critical error requirement or low microbial contamination threshold, subject to USP 797, ANSI or other standards, can benefit from the ADSS service suite.

Contact us today to learn how we can work with your organization to efficiently minimize risk and maximize uptime.