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Safety During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Energy Plus, Inc. team falls under the umbrella of necessary businesses in the Commonwealth of PA. As such, all branches continue service to our customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. ADSS, due to our core services - decontamination and sterilization - is no exception to this. To fulfill our obligations, we developed safety guidelines to [...]


Coronavirus Questions & Answers

What is a coronavirus? A coronavirus (designated as CoV) is a member of a large family of viruses which cause illness in humans or animals. Previously discovered variants cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to MERS and SARS. The current coronavirus outbreak, designated SARS-CoV-2, is a betacoronavirus similar to MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV. What [...]


Battling Coronavirus: The Role of Sanitization

Dwarfing SARS To date, coronavirus-Wuhan (2019-nCoV) has claimed more than eight hundred (800) lives and infected nearly forty thousand (40,000) individuals, surpassing the SARS epidemic of 2002-2003. While the largest outbreaks occurred in mainland China, additional verified infections surfaced elsewhere. Britain, Spain, France, Australia, the United States, and Canada all report verified cases. Although the [...]


Vaping & E-Liquid Production in Clean Environments

What Is Vaping? The typical components of a vaping device include the mouthpiece, a battery, a cartridge holding the e-juice or e-liquid, and a heating component powered by the battery. E-cigarettes combine these components into a single device. This provides greater convenience for the end user.  Charging the battery and replacing the e-liquid cartridge are [...]


Daycare Facilities: Reducing Risk of Preventable Infections

What Infections Occur in Daycare? When talking about germs, we often think of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). They are spread in both acute and long-term care facilities. Some countries even consider dental practices. (3) Although the CDC does not track the spread of infection in daycare, they did report that there were over 20,000 HAIs in [...]


Nosocomial Infections: Mitigation with ADSS

Nosocomial Infections: Dental Practice Risks Medical facilities struggle to prevent nosocomial infections. Dental professionals share this fight. Starting in 1998, researchers studied how dental professionals spread nosocomial infections. One study found plaque deposits increased after patients entered intensive care. Moreover, four out of ten patients acquired nosocomial infections that lived on the plaque itself. (1) [...]

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