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Vaping & E-Liquid Production in Clean Environments

What Is Vaping? The typical components of a vaping device include the mouthpiece, a battery, a cartridge holding the e-juice or e-liquid, and a heating component powered by the battery. E-cigarettes combine these components into a single device. This provides greater convenience for the end user.  Charging the battery and replacing the e-liquid cartridge are [...]


Daycare Facilities: Reducing Risk of Preventable Infections

What Infections Occur in Daycare? When talking about germs, we often think of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). They are spread in both acute and long-term care facilities. Some countries even consider dental practices. (3) Although the CDC does not track the spread of infection in daycare, they did report that there were over 20,000 HAIs in [...]


Nosocomial Infections: Mitigation with ADSS

Nosocomial Infections: Dental Practice Risks Medical facilities struggle to prevent nosocomial infections. Dental professionals share this fight. Starting in 1998, researchers studied how dental professionals spread nosocomial infections. One study found plaque deposits increased after patients entered intensive care. Moreover, four out of ten patients acquired nosocomial infections that lived on the plaque itself. (1) [...]


Safe Facilities: Outbreak Costs

The cost to bring a new pharmaceutical product to market can be well over a billion dollars. In addition to massive R&D demands, the manufacturing process must include stringent steps to prevent any contamination issues. Contamination in any form can be devastating to the development of a pharmaceutical product, and the outbreak costs can be enormous. On Oct. 18, [...]


Odor Your Silent Offender

Odors. How to remove this silent offender! Do you mind if I smoke?" "Does this bother you?" How many times are you agreeable or silent when this question is asked? Do you wish that co-worker didn't decide to heat up their leftover curry dish in the lunchroom? Odor and the related issues are that one subjective question that we [...]


Improving Patient Recovery Rate with Clean Facilities

When it is time to transfer an immune-compromised patient undergoing treatments to home care, what are some of the steps that can be taken to ensure the best level of care? Do you decontaminate or sanitize the transporting vehicle? The equipment used in the transport care? The patient's home? The correct answer most likely is [...]


New Year’s Resolutions: A Cleaner Workplace

As we head into a new year, we are tasked with how do we address issues from the past that can affect the future. One such issue that is often overlooked by our clients is preventative measures for decontamination. Everyone acts on current real-time situations but unfortunately do not budget for precautionary measures. The question [...]

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