When looking at the ROI of the technologies and methods used by ADSS in the sanitization and decontamination of facilities and environments, a prospective customer should carefully consider many variables. The following questions are a solid beginning to analysis of ROI while taking into account variables such as labor, facilities costs and potential lost profit in the form of revenue.

How long will facilities be unavailable?

The SteraMistâ„¢ system requires just over seventy minutes to clean a 108 m3 closed area.

What are the labor and materials costs for to prepare for service?

No internal preparation is required; our technology sanitizes over, above, atop, behind and around surfaces and equipment.

What is the utilities cost per hour while the facilities are unavailable?

Clients must answer this for themselves, taking into account utilities and internal operations.

What is the labor cost per hour while the facilities are unavailable?

Only a client can provide this insight. How many employees use the environment? What are the associated labor costs, including overhead?

What is the potential lost revenue per hour while facilities are unavailable?

This is a difficult question to address. A reasonable model can be created by dividing revenue by the production days in a year, then the production hours in a day to assign a value to hourly revenue.

What are the labor and materials costs to return the facilities to working order after service?

No special operations are required after service. Only trace amounts of pure water in the form of humidity remain, easily managed by proper room control mechanisms.