Odors. How to remove this silent offender!

Do you mind if I smoke?”

“Does this bother you?”

How many times are you agreeable or silent when this question is asked? Do you wish that co-worker didn’t decide to heat up their leftover curry dish in the lunchroom? Odor and the related issues are that one subjective question that we sometimes dodge an honest answer to. We all have a unique sense of what offends our nostrils. If you are a non-smoker, at times your nose will be quite a bit more sensitive than that of your cigarette enjoying compadres. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/odor

Febreze® or Lysol® are popular grab and go solutions to your crazy Uncle Lou’s funky cigar aroma trail. These are viable options for that “Honey your uncle is here” moments but what do you do when that smell decides to resist these remedies and extend its residence in your man cave or living room? The odor could very well be impregnated into your floors, furniture or any other surface it can penetrate.


Another stale air moment is that first visit of the season to your vacation home. Did you cook something savory on your last stay? Did your last guest or renter have a secret Marlboro® habit? SteraMist™ and its Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (AIHP), utilizes Reactive Oxygen to break down and eliminate those odors. This process was developed by DARPA in response to the biological attacks and is quite capable of fighting the good fight of freshness!

SteraMist™ is being utilized by crime scene cleanup crews as well as the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries to eliminate bacterial and fungal threats. It can also be applied to remove that “old car” smell from that vehicle you just bought for your first-time driver son or daughter. It could also freshen up your summer cabin or weekend warrior boat that has been winterized for the few months.

Odor, The Silent Offender