A Family of Scientific Services Companies

Since 1979, the Energy Plus, Inc. (EPI) family of companies has provided validation, testing, calibration, installation, remediation and certification services to government and private organizations. As an ISO 17025:2008 accredited organization, EPI offers responsive, reliable service to clients in the electronics, energy, defense, biomedical, pharmaceutical, engineering and chemical industries.

In 2016, EPI debuted a new member company, Advanced Decontamination and Sanitization Services (ADSS). Backed by a forty-year legacy of quality, reliability and service, ADSS focuses on contaminant remediation techniques utilizing proprietary technology to safely, swiftly and efficiently neutralize harmful biological and chemical agents.


For environments requiring absolute minimal downtime, our certified technicians employ TOMI™ SteraMist™ systems. These fully portable decontamination systems provide minimum six-log reduction of biological, fungal and other contaminants without serious impact to facility uptime.

TOMI™ SteraMist™ systems allow single-application treatment of all surfaces and areas in biomedical, industrial, pharmaceutical and other facilities. The distribution system and sterilization agent allow for safe, thorough disinfection of everything from high-touch surfaces to electronics to sensitive medical equipment.

These proprietary systems achieve complete decontamination quickly and efficiently: the surface unit requires only a five second application and seven minute contact time; the environment system can perform whole-room decontamination of a 104m³ room in just over seventy-five (75) minutes.


-Benjamin Franklin

The value of a solution relies on three key factors: efficacy, time and cost. Will it work? How long will it take? What is the price? Efficacy and time usually have firm answers based on empirical data.

Cost is often over-simplified as the money paid for a solution: this is an incomplete representation.  As with efficacy and time, it is possible to place a quantitative value on cost. The key is in thinking of all the variables.

How long will facilities be unavailable? What is the associated labor cost for that lost productivity? What is the potential lost revenue in that time? These and other factors, which tie directly into time, must also be considered to place a true, accurate number of the cost of any solution.

Extraordinary contaminant reduction, competitive pricing and unmatched turnaround time for complete room decontamination and sanitization contribute to the high ROI of SteraMist™ solutions as deployed by ADSS.

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The SteraMist™ product line uses the patented two-step BIT™ process to decontaminate and sterilize surfaces and areas. A proprietary hydrogen peroxide solution is ionized as it passes through a cold plasma arc resulting in an AIHP fog. The high concentration of ROS in the ionized fog consist mostly of hydroxyl radicals: these radicals attack pathenogenic organisms on a cellular level, oxidizing lipids, proteins and carbohydrates to cause massive cellular disruption and dysfunction in bacteria, spores and viruses. By aggressively breaking double bonds in chemical and biological weaponized agents, BIT™ renders them inert and ineffective.

The composition of the proprietary BIT solution and the cold plasma ionization process required to create the patented AIHP mist make the process safe for use on all surfaces, including high traffic areas, sensitive medical equipment, electronics and other valuable investments that traditional methods can damage or destroy. After application, a room or surface can be safely used within minutes: the only remaining traces are inert, non-toxic byproducts and pure water vapor.


Our service is of value to any public or private organization that requires an environment free of bacteriological, viral, fungal or other dangerous contaminants: there are universal benefits to a safe-workspace partnership with ADSS.


The SteraMist™ Environment System provides complete, whole-room disinfection. This patented technology combines a completely self-contained system with remote applicators to provide safe, consistent, minimum six log reduction in contaminants. The remote BIT™ systems deploy an aerosolized hydrogen peroxide solution, activated by a cold plasma arc to produce a fine mist. The resultant AIHP mist contains a high ROS concentration, with hydroxyl ions and radicals to aggressively break down the double bonds in chemical and biological warfare agents and other infectious strains.

The TOMI SteraMist™ Environment System is a complete solution for total room sanitization and decontamination. The dissipation and spread patterns of the remote applicators ensure that the AIHP mist reaches over, under, around and behind every surface in a sealed room. The active components of the mist range from two to four microns in size, allowing thorough cleansing of even micro-porous surfaces. In a properly sealed environment, this system completely neutralizes microbial agents.


Any industry or institution in the Eastern United States in need of an environment free of contaminants can benefit from the ADSS line of service offerings. Contact us to learn how a partnership with ADSS can positively affect your organization.