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Safety During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Energy Plus, Inc. team falls under the umbrella of necessary businesses in the Commonwealth of PA. As such, all branches continue service to our customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. ADSS, due to our core services - decontamination and sterilization - is no exception to this. To fulfill our obligations, we developed safety guidelines to [...]


Battling Coronavirus: The Role of Sanitization

Dwarfing SARS To date, coronavirus-Wuhan (2019-nCoV) has claimed more than eight hundred (800) lives and infected nearly forty thousand (40,000) individuals, surpassing the SARS epidemic of 2002-2003. While the largest outbreaks occurred in mainland China, additional verified infections surfaced elsewhere. Britain, Spain, France, Australia, the United States, and Canada all report verified cases. Although the [...]

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